Oxford Heroes 1: Workbook

OXFORD HEROES is an exciting new three-level course for young teenagers which takes them from beginner to intermediate level. The key features of OXFORD HEROES are: an exciting cartoon story that presents the main language point of each unit in an enjoyable context; up-to-date and lively reading texts that motivate students and help them to develop their knowledge of the world; grammar and vocabulary sections that provide clear presentation and plenty of practice; a balanced skills syllabus that develops students' ability in all four skills, providing clear models, variety of input and plenty of opportunities for students to speak and write; twelve songs that engage and motivate students and reinforce the language taught in each unit; revision sections after every two units that thoroughly recycle and reinforce the language taught; six projects and one play at the back of the book that teachers can use with their students whenever they choose.
Издания произведения:
Oxford University Press, 2007г



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