Leaving L.a.

There's a first time for everything…as thirty-nine-year-old Zoe Vidrine learned the hard way. She was pregnant! Now the aging rock 'n' roller had to change her tune fast. Her plan: leave behind the temptations of L.A.–and her famous hard-partying ex who had got her into this mess–and return to her family's Louisiana homestead to regroup.It had been twenty years, and the Day Glo hippie haven where Zoe had spent an unhappy childhood was gone, remodeled in the signature pastels of her prim sister Alice. Alice's aesthetic sense was hard enough to swallow, but her holier-than-thou attitude set the stage for a showdown. Still, as the sisters gradually came to terms with their shared past, would there be a meeting of the minds? Talk about firsts…USA TODAY bestselling author Rexanne Becnel has created all twenty-two of her novels in coffeehouses, writing longhand. Thanks to the stimulating effects of way too many cups of coffee, she's found a grateful audience of both readers and critics.
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