The Millionaire Meets His Match

Women to WatchWHEN THE CAT'S AWAY…Cass Appleton had the ideal live-in companion–until someone makes off with her favorite feline! Desperate to rescue poor Crudley from the kit-napper's clutches, Cass enlists the help of a wealthy widow–and the woman's sexy-but-skeptical godson.WILL THE LOVERS PLAY?The lovely Ms. Appleton stirs far more than suspicion in Gabe Preston's jaded heart. Still, the millionaire ex-cop isn't about to trust any female. To prove she's up to something, he keeps her under surveillance. But Gabe soon discovers Cass is no conniving crook. In fact, she would make a purr-fect wife–if he were a marrying man….For classic tales with an exciting twist, dazzling debut author Patricia Seeley is our Woman to Watch….
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