Father Found

Three identical sisters, three handsome bachelors and one enchanted night–nine months later, one woman is about to become a mother, but WHO'S THE DADDY?Finally, the father is revealed!Augusta Ames woke up in a hospital room with no memory of who she was–or how she'd gotten pregnant! Then one night a handsome stranger came to her, stated they were married and whisked her away. It was for her own good, he'd said. She had to trust him. But trusting him meant giving her heart to a man she didn't remember….Bram Bishop couldn't tell Augusta the truth–he wasn't her husband, but he was her baby's father. Somehow he'd have to remind her of all they'd planned for their future. But if her memory never returned, he had to make her fall in love with him–all over again!
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Mills & Boon American Romance
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