The Russian Affair

With bravura storytelling, stunning authenticity, and unforgettable characters, The Russian Affair brings readers into a world of love, intrigue and espionage in the midst of the Cold War.Twenty-nine-year-old Anna Viktorovna lives in Moscow with her young son and her father, a once popular and respected poet who has fallen into disgrace because of his dissident views. Her husband, a junior officer in the Red Army, is on active duty and living seven time zones away. When she meets Alexey Bulgyakov, a married and powerful Soviet official who is nearly twice her age, her life begins to look a little brighter. Yet their burgeoning romance is irrevocably threatened when a KGB colonel forces Anna to spy on Alexey, who is suspected of disloyalty to the state. Though she loathes the notion of double-crossing, she is forced to comply. But Anna isn't the only character playing a double game.
Издания произведения:
Anchor, 2012г

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