Where the River Ends

After years of non-stop invasive treatments for the cancer that is slowly killing her, Abbie has finally come to the end of the road. Now all she wants to do is spend some time with her husband and feel normal again, for as long as she's got. Only Abbie's family have never approved of her husband, Chris. For while Abbie is the daughter of South Carolina's most eminent senator, Chris grew up in a trailer park near the St Mary's River. But Chris will do anything for his wife, even if it means stealing her away from her hospital room and her family for one last trip on the river that holds so many memories for them both. Along the way they're going to try and fulfil as many of her other wishes as they can. But as they head for the river's end, Abbie's father - as well as every major news network and law enforcement agency in the South - is on their trail, determined to find them and bring Abbie home…
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Ebury Press, 2008г



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