Her Body Of Work

WHEN SCULPTING A NUDE, THE ARTIST MUST…Understand the male bodyChicago sculptor Rey Martinson has always worked with nudes, but she is floored by her new model's male perfection. Cuban-American Marco Flores's body is more than inspiring–it's irresistible.Be good with her handsBecause it turns out that Marco is incredibly talented with his–on Rey! After each wildly arousing modeling session, they find release in intense lovemaking.Have an eye for detailRey can't ignore that there's something suspicious about Marco. He's the first lover she's ever had who sleeps with a gun under his pillow! But for Rey, being with Marco is worth the risk. Because she's never been with a man who stimulates her so strongly–as an artist…or as a woman.
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Mills & Boon Blaze
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