Healthy at home

National Geographic helps you take charge of health care guided by a physician expert in natural healing, herbal medicine, and home remedies. Never have we needed this advice more than now, says Dr. Low Dog as she guides us in identifying, responding to, and caring for common ailments including coughs and colds, infections, digestive complaints, rashes, wounds, headaches, insomnia--all better treated at home than in doctor's office or with expensive over-the-counter drugs that often just exacerbate the problem. Learn how to make herbal remedies--teas, tinctures, lozenges, syrups, salves--and why you and your family will be healthier for doing so. For every ailment, Dr. Low Dog specifies symptoms that mean you should consult a health care professional instead of staying at home. Full of recipes and guidelines on how much and how often, this innovative book is sure to become a household standard and go-to guide for getting well and staying healthy at home.
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