The American Girl: A disturbing and twisty psychological thriller

From a bright new talent comes a twisting psychological thriller with a shocking conclusion, perfect for fans of Ruth Ware, B.A. Paris and Helen Fields.A MISSING FAMILYBarefoot, bloodied, with no memory of what has happened to her – Quinn Perkins stumbles out of the woods in France and discovers that her exchange family have mysteriously disappeared.A SMALL TOWN SEEKING REVENGEJournalist Molly Swift is drawn to the mystery and prepared to do anything to learn the truth, including lying to get close to Quinn. But when a shocking discovery sparks fury in the town, Quinn is arrested for murder.DARK SECRETS DRAGGED INTO THE LIGHTAs a trial by media ensues, Molly is left to unravel the town’s disturbing past and clear Quinn’s name – but is she really innocent? Or is she a cunning killer intent on getting away with murder?
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