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World War 2 Thriller Collection: Winter, The Eagle Has Flown, South by Java Head

Presented for the first time, three classic war novels from the generals of the genre, Len Deighton, Jack Higgins & Alistair MacLean.Prepare to be blown away by these explosive thrillers:WINTERThe epic prelude to Deighton’s acclaimed Bernard Samson spy series, in which the complex lives of two brothers unfold during the dramatic rise of Nazi Germany between two world wars.THE EAGLE HAS FLOWNSequel to Higgins’ legendary The Eagle Has Landed. The mission to assassinate Winston Churchill has failed, but two of the ringleaders are still alive and now the Reichsfuhrer is demanding the Eagle’s return – at all costs.SOUTH BY JAVA HEAD1942: Singapore lies shattered, overrun by the conquering Japanese army, as the last boat slips out to sea. On board, a desperate group of people, each with a secret they will kill to protect. Ahead lie murderous dive-bombers, the fierce tropical sun, and the hell-bent Japanese, who will stop at nothing to prevent the boat escaping south by Java Head.
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