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  • 1890

    Золотая ветвь. Исследование магии и религии

    Старинная литература, Эзотерика. Парапсихология. Тайны, История, Биология, Литература 19 века, Учащийся, Классика, Религия
    «Золотая ветвь» известного английского религиоведа и этнолога Джеймса Фрэзера (1854-1941) принадлежит к числу тех фундаментальных исследований, которые составляют непреходящую ценность для многих поколений ученых. Посвятив жизнь изучению фольклористики и истории религии, Дж. Фрэзер собрал огромный фактический материал, позволивший ему с помощью сравнительно-исторического метода показать связь между современными религиями и первобытными верованиями, выявить земные истоки религиозного миропонимания.

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    Blue planet ii

    Take a deep breath and dive into the mysteries of the ocean.Our understanding of ocean life has changed dramatically in the last decade, with new species, new behaviours, and new habitats being discovered at a rapid rate. Blue Planet II, which accompanies an epic 7-part series on BBC1, is a ground-breaking new look at the richness and variety of underwater life across our planet.From ambush hunters such as the carnivorous bobbit worm to cuttlefish mesmerising their prey with a pulsating light display, Blue Planet II reveals the never-before-seen secrets of the ocean. With over 200 breath-taking photographs and stills from the BBC Natural History Unit's spectacular footage, each chapter of Blue Planet II brings to life a different habitat of the oceanic world. Voyages of migration show how each of the oceans on our planet are connected; coral reefs and arctic ice communities are revealed as thriving underwater cities; while shorelines throw up continual challenges to those living there or passing through. A final chapter explores the science and technology of the Ocean enterprise – not only how they were able to capture these amazing stories on film, but what the future holds for marine life based on these discoveries.

  • Aphids and therir parasitoids trends

    Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and brassica (Brassica compestris L.) are the important crops in barani areas. The former is considered as important food source, while later is considered as important source of fodder and vegetable oil. In Pakistan, the wheat crop is cultivated over an area of 8.033 million hectares engaging 33 percent of the cultivated area of country each year and exhibits production around 23.5 million tons in 2007. At Pakistan level the production shows an increase of 9.5%. The GOP wheat production target is 5 million metric tons (GOP, 2007). Wheat being a major cereal occupies an eminent place in the economy of our country (Chowdhry et al., 1998).

  • Bird Distribution and Conservation in the Amazon

    In this dissertation, I address the distribution and conservation of the Amazonian avifauna at several scales. First, I look at how spatial bias in ornithological collections affects known patterns of diversity in the Amazon, showing that the region is massively under-collected and that poorly-collected areas are likely to hide small-ranged species, which are especially relevant for conservation. Second, I model the impacts of continued deforestation on the Amazonian endemic avifauna, identifying several taxa and “bird-ecoregions” likely to face great threat in the near future, most of them associated with riverine habitats. Third, I evaluate these predictions on two threatened and endemic riverine birds from Roraima, Brazil – Cercomacra carbonaria and Synallaxis kollari – recommending that the first be down-listed and the second up-listed in the Red List of Threatened Species. I also explore the importance of indigenous reserves for the conservation of both species and emphasize the need for greater involvement of conservation biologists in the social issues related to their study organisms.

  • Characterization of Imidacloprid Resistance in the House fly

    House flies are major pests of agriculture and public health. Globally, imidacloprid is formulated as bait for house fly control. However, there have been reports of both physiological and behavioral resistance to imidacloprid. Surveys in California and Florida in the United States determined physiological resistance to imidacloprid, yet there has been no study to characterize resistance in house flies from this region. This book is an investigation of this resistance. Three laboratory imidacloprid selections of a strain obtained from Florida increased resistance, creating a strain 2,300-fold and 130-fold resistant in females and males, respectively. Resistance was unstable, declined over time, and synergistic. Treatment with piperonyl butoxide (PBO) could not suppress imidacloprid resistance, indicating cytochrome P450s detoxification does not confer resistance. There was ?100-fold cross-resistance to acetamiprid and dinotefuran, but none to spinosad. Resistance mapped to autosomes 3 and 4. This study discusses the significance of these results to practical imidacloprid resistance management, and the potential resistance mechanisms involved.

  • Bird diversity of Chebera Churchura National Park, Ethiopia

    The park is found in the region where the remaining 3% of the country forest cover is found, south west of the country.It is the area where you can see five crater lakes sparsely distributed, large extensive natural forest, good population of endangered African elephant . A total of 137 bird species belonging to 52 different families were identified during the wet and dry season surveys. Of which 5 of them, namely Black-headed Forest Oriole (Oriolus monacha), Wattled Ibis (Bostrychia carunculata), Thick-billed Raven (Corvus crassirostris), Banded Barbet (Lybius undatus) and White-winged cliff-Chat (Myrmecocichla cinnamomeiventris) are endemic to Ethiopia. Some other bird species like black winged love bird (Agapornis taranta) are restricted only to Ethiopia and Eritrea.Like any other national parks of the country, there is a pressure from the local people living around the park area in search of agricultural land and subsistence hunting.

  • Breaking Bulb Dormancy and Flowering Physiology of Lilium hansonii

    This book is about the different factors affecting bulb dormancy breaking in Hanson Lily, a Korean native lily found only in the mountains of South Korea. This book explains the recommended temperature in breaking dormancy in Lilium hansonii bulbs. This also explains the effect of temperature in flower development of Hanson Lily "Lilium hansonii" from the time of harvest, sprouting, vegetative stage, flower bud initiation, differentiation and up to anthesis.

  • Resistant breeding of two species of flower

    The method and process of resistance breeding of two species of flower were introduced in the book. The distant hybridization was used for lodging-resistant breeding of Platycodon Grandiflorus and the lodging-resistant offspring were obtained. The results show that the lodging-resistant offspring could be the phenomena of apomixes which was induced by pollen. The Si-ion implantation mutation breeding was used for cold-resistant breeding of Oenothera speciosa and the cold-resistant offspring were obtained that can overwinter in Beijing. The results show that the cold-resistant character can be steadily inherited.

  • Combining ability studies in diversified CMS sources in SUNFLOWER

    The concept of combining ability is becoming increasingly important in plant and animal breeding. It is especially useful in connection with "testing" procedures, in which it is desired to study and compare the performances of lines in hybrid combination. Sunflower being a highly cross-pollinated crop has a great scope for increasing productivity by diversifying hybrid base. Therefore, sunflower researchers accelerated their effort to develop new diverse sources of CMS to widen the genetic base and to reduce the genetic vulnerability of sunflower hybrids. Besides, the development of new CMS sources in order to enhance the genetic diversity. Considering the fact, several diverse sources of CMS have been identified and being utilized in the CMS conversion programme. We hope that the information provided in the book will supplemented to the researchers in Plant Breeding field and encourage the research scholars to excavate various ideas for confronting with combining ability problems. We would like to place our sincere thanks to authors and publishers who helped us to complete the compilation of this book.Valuable suggestions are welcome for further enrichment of the same.

  • Bibliography on mangrove research in Pakistan

    Bibliographic details of research work carried out on mangroves of Pakistan and presented in the form of research papers, reports, theses and projects are compiled. An attempt is made to include abstracts of the publications along with other bibliographic details. The present communication includes literature up to 2011. The main list contains 510 entries (367 papers, 22 theses/projects, 121 reports). Entries without abstracts are either those publications which are not available or abstracts were not given by the author(s).An author index, including co-authors is also given. The citations are arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Characterization of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Genotypes

    Mustard is one of the most important edible oil seed crops of the world as well as India. In the present investigation, experimental material comprised 60 diverse genetypes of Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern and Coss]. Thirteen characters in these sixty genotypes were studied in randomized block design with two replications during Rabi 2011-2012. The objective of present investigation was to estimate the nature and magnitude of variability present in Indian mustard with respect to yield and its component traits, genotypic and phenotypic correlations among different traits, direct and indirect effects of different characters contributing towards seed yield by path coefficient analysis and genetic diversity among mustard genotypes through Mahalanobis D2 technique.

  • Earliness in tuberose flower

    The objective of this study was to create the earliness, enhance quality production of tuberose. Main parameters studied were sprouting date sprouting percentage, days to leave emergence, number of leaves per plant, leaf area (cm), days to spike emergence, plant height (cm),plant height at the time of tunnel removal (cm), florets emergence date (days), number of florets per spike, length of spike (cm),thickness of spike (mm),floret diameter (mm), color of florets, fragrance of florets,.The results showed that T3 (Mulch+Low tunnel) was best in case of sprouting date (37.037 days), sprouting percentage (100 %), days to leave emergence (36.125 days), days to spike emergence (47.1625 days), plant height at the time of tunnel (37.5925 cm), florets emergence date (223.9 days), color of florets(9.75), fragrance of florets (9.75) and earliness( 41.15 days).T1(Mulch) was best in case of number of leaves per plant (17.48) and leaf area (41.15 cm). T6 (Micronutrients) was best in case of number of florets per spike (39.809), thickness of spike (5.879 mm) and floret diameter (38.875 mm). T8 (Mulch + Humic acid) was leading treatment in case of spike length (49.55 cm).

  • Chilli: A Solanaceous Crop with Tremendous Attributes

    Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) is one of the major commercial crop, cultivated for vegetables and spices. In the recent past it has emerged as industrial crops. Red colour in chilli is mainly due to oleoresin and it provides flavor, colour for processing industries, natural colour for cosmetic industries and pharmaceutical ingredients to medicine industries. Besides colour another quality attribute of chilli fruit is pungency. Capsaicin determines the pungency. Capsaicin extract mainly used as major ingredient in pharmaceutical industries for manufacturing pain balm. This book brings the focus on screening of chilli germplasm, inbreds and cms-based hybrids (developed and evaluated) for their quality and yield traits in order to identify the lines/hybrids having less pungency and high colour content and vise versa can directly be utilized to evaluate their potential for capsaicin and oleoresin extraction.Evaluation of chilli germplasm for ascorbic acid leads to the future quality breeding objectives.This book is informative for fertility restoration test and restorer and maintainer genes were assign to the inbred lines. The use of cms helps in cost effective hybrid seed production.

  • Креативные и примитивные. Основы онтогенетической персонологии и психопатологии

    Психология, Медицинская литература, Учащийся, Биология
    В книге излагается онтогенетический подход к проблеме персонологии, психопатологии и психотерапии. Для психиатров, психтерапевтов, психологов и креативных личностей.

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    , 2016

    Время генома: Как генетические технологии меняют наш мир и что это значит для нас

    Учащийся, Биология
    «Начало каждого из нас – наш личный геном, он появляется, когда мы еще меньше клетки, и с тех пор навсегда остается с нами и определяет всю нашу дальнейшую жизнь. Геном похож на сложный штрихкод. Из-за того, что он очень длинный и сложный, каждый из нас отличается не только от 8 млрд людей, живущих на планете сегодня, но и от всех 20 с лишним миллиардов, которые существовали с момента возникновения человечества 200 000 лет назад. И конечно же, у нас он не такой, как у любых других видов, живших за последние 4 млрд лет, будь то животные, растения, вирусы или археи. Что же может быть более индивидуальным?..»

  • Развитие учения о рекапитуляции

    Настоящая книга содержит сведения по истории и современному состоянию одной из важнейших проблем теории эволюции --- рекапитуляции, ее становлению на основе учения об организме как целом в индивидуальном и историческом развитии. _x000D_Книга рассчитана на биологов, научных работников, интересующихся историей науки и проблемами эволюции.

  • 2017

    Lehmade salajane elu

    Биология, Познавательная и справочная литература, Домашние животные
    Kite’s Nesti farmis uitavad lehmad (ning lambad, kanad ja sead) vabalt ringi. Nad otsustavad ise, kuidas järglasi kasvatada, mida süüa ja kus magada. Kui lehmad saavad rahus oma lehmaelu elada, tuleb nähtavale iga looma isikupära, mis on neil kõigil erinev – nagu inimestelgi.

  • 2014

    Meele ja mõistuse toidud

    Медицинская литература, Биология
    Toidu mõju mälule, vaimsele ja füüsilisele heaolule Tunnustatud Soome professori ja Eestiski hinnatud autori Sinikka Piippo uus teos räägib vananemisest, mälust ja sellest, kuidas me ise saaksime teadmiste abil end kauem ärksana ja elujõulistena hoida. Vananemisvastased eliksiirid, tabletid ja salvid täidavad reklaamilehekülgi. Noorust säilitavat võluainet pole seni siiski leitud. See-eest on uuringud andnud uut teavet meie keha ja aju komplitseeritusest ja ajule vajalike toitainete mitmekesisusest. Aju, närvisüsteemi ja mälu tõrgeteta toimimises on suur osa toidul ja selle koostisosadel. Õige toiduga võime leevendada stressi, masendust, ängi, väsimust ja unetust. Teos tutvustab suurt hulka mõistuse tööle hästi mõjuvaid marju, ravimtaimi, maitseaineid, köögivilju jm toiduaineid. See on asendamatu käsiraamat kõigile, kes hindavad tervislikke eluviise ja tahavad teadlikult tõsta oma elukvaliteeti ja vaimset vastupidavust. Keha suudab ennast ise parandada, kui talle luuakse selleks soodsad tingimused. Sinikka Piippo on Helsingi ülikooli botaanikaprofessor. Tema sulest on ilmunud üle 260 teadusliku ja populaarteadusliku artikli ja kirjutise. Eesti keeles on varem ilmunud „Meelte ja tunnete taimed“ (2009, Varrak) ja „Taimede varjatud vägi“ (2011, Varrak).