Wife By Deception

TwinsNow you see me–now you don' tWhen her flashy, adventurous, identical twin is killed in a car crash, Tallahassee college professor Kate Jones is left with her twin' s infant daughter. Kate knows almost nothing about the little girl' s father–just that his name is Mitch and her sister left him because he was « mean.» Kate loves her niece, and she' ll do whatever is necessary to make sure Arianne is raised happy and healthy. That includes pretending to be her own twin when Mitch suddenly appears, so she can find out what her brother-in-law plans for his child.Mitch Devereaux, a Cajun shrimp boat captain for whom family is all, regrets his unhappy marriage, but he adores his little girl. When his wife flees with their daughter, ignoring a joint-custody arrangement, he tracks her down and hauls her back to Louisiana, determined to have her face a judge.But the woman he abducts is so different from the woman he married. And Kate' s captor is so different from the man she' d heard about….
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