Peachy's Proposal

Wedding BellesA FAVOR BETWEEN FRIENDS Pamela «Peachy» Keene was determined to lose her virginity, and she knew of only one man for the job. Luc Devereaux was conveniently single and sexy as sin – surely he'd agree to Peachy's proposal. After all, it would only be a one-time thing.SHOULD SHE WAIT FOR THE WEDDING NIGHT? But Luc didn't want to help Peachy become «experienced.» He was attracted to her, yet he knew she'd regret not waiting for the man she loved. So to convince Peachy to change her mind, Luc would pretend to agree to her plan. And that was his first mistake… .Catching a husband can be as easy as catching the bouquet – if you're one of the WEDDING BELLES.
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Mills & Boon Vintage Desire
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