Soul Mates

TOO HOT TO HANDLENate Channing was back in town. And Katy Bates could almost see him leaning leisurely against his rattletrap car, wearing a white T-shirt and faded jeans. She remembered how his shaggy hair shone like a raven's wing, how his midnight-black eyes twinkled down at her with that endearing hint of deviltry….No one in their windblown west Texas town had realized that Katy and Nate were kindred spirits, even if they had been raised on opposite sides of the tracks. But Katy knew, remembered with vivid clarity, the passion they'd shared.Folks said that Nate was nothing but trouble. But Nate hadn't looked like trouble to Katy. For he had been her forbidden first love!
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Mills & Boon Cherish
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