A Royal Marriage

Fan-favorite Royally Wed miniseries originally launched with Susan Mallery and continues with Cara Colter's beloved story, A Royal Marriage.Prince Damon Montague needed a wife. And there was no better candidate than Rachel Rockford…a single mom with a baby connected to the Montague Royal Family…a woman who needed a prince to sweep her off her feet!Damon would do his duty as a husband and father…and even help Rachel search for her missing sister. But scarred by the pain–and loss–of his past, that was all he could offer. He couldn't risk loving anyone ever again.But his princess bride and her baby just saw this as a challenge: if anyone could melt this prince's frozen heart, they could!The Royally Wed miniseries also featured the following titles:A Royal Marriage by Susan MalleryUndercover Princess by Suzanne BrockmannThe Princess's White Knight by Carla CassidyThe Pregnant Princess by Anne Marie WinstonMan…Mercenary…Monarch by Joan Elliott PickartA Royal Masquerade by Arlene JamesA Royal Mission by Elizabeth AugustThe Expectant Princess by Stella BagwellThe Blacksheep Prince's Bride by Martha ShieldsCode Name: Prince by Valerie ParvAn Officer and a Princess by Carla Cassidy
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