Are Men From Mars?: Are Men From Mars? / Venus, How Could You?

Where the Morgan twins go, trouble is sure to follow!Are Men from Mars? by Candy HallidayWhen Dr. Madeline Morgan is whisked away in a mysterious craft near Roswell, she almost buys in to all those crazy UFO reports. But wait, these little green men are wearing army fatigues! And hunky Captain Brad Hawkins isn't all that little…. How is Maddie to know that she's stumbled upon a top secret military base and has innocently threatened national security? And how can she control herself under house arrest–with Brad?Venus, How Could You? by Candy HallidayMary Beth Morgan has finally hit the big time–a gig on a hot new soap opera, a home on the beach and enough star power to show her face with confidence at her upcoming high school reunion. But Mary Beth can't believe her high school sweetheart, Zack, has the nerve to show his face–gorgeous as it is–after what he did to her, or that he's trying to win her back! How can she forgive the guy who left her at the altar?
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