A Rose in the Storm

When rivalry becomes passionWith warfare blazing through Scotland, the fate of the Comyn-MacDougall legacy depends on one woman.Recently orphaned, young Margaret Comyn must secure her clan’s safety through an arranged marriage.But when an enemy invasion puts her at the mercy of the notorious Wolf of Lochaber, her every loyalty and secret want will be challenged.And a kingdom is at stakeLegendary warrior Alexander “the Wolf” MacDonald rides with Robert Bruce to seize the throne of Scotland.But when he takes the fiery Lady Margaret prisoner, she quickly becomes far more than a valuable hostage.For, the passion between them threatens to betray their families, their country…and their hearts."Joyce's tale of the dangers and delights of passion fulfilled will enchant those who like their reads long and rich." Publishers Weekly on The Masquerade
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Mills & Boon M&B
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