Living with bipolar: we adhere to our medication

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition, which affects one''s life significantly. Effective medications are available to manage the illness, but failing to take the medication is often a problem interfering with treatment. However, many people living with bipolar disorder are faithful taking their medication. This story is an account of a few people living with the illness, through the eyes of a nurse practitioner also surviving with bipolar. This nurse researcher interviewed five individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder which had been adherent to their medication for at least two years. The results illuminated why these individuals adhered, some of their challenges, successful strategies used to stabilize the illness, and information participants desired to communicate to those treating bipolar disorder. Information from this story can help medical professionals have a more empathetic understanding of what living with bipolar disorder is like. Hopefully, this narrative will help individuals living with mental diagnoses feel that their experience can make a difference in how others are treated in the future
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