The Possible Release of World of Warcraft on PlayStation 4 Using VR

The increase of playing online games among gamers and players indicates the importance of social networking in the gaming industry. Thus, innovation and creativity of gaming companies creates a large competition of producing new products in the market such as Sony, Xbox and Nintendo. Therefore, the new technological advancements and improvements are fundamental in order to reveal the linkage between technology and economic development. The analysis of current marketing strategies is essential in order to compete in the market which many big companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment are adopting, with the discussion of some risks according to the growth of the gaming industry. This research aims to investigate the possibility of releasing World of Warcraft on PlayStation 4 using cross-play connection with PlayStation Vita and Virtual Reality 3D glasses Project Morpheus. Hence, the potential of this project intends to provide hundred millions of annual revenue for both Sony Computer Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment.
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