Intercultural Software User Interfaces

Most software products are sold internationally. Even a website is a software, with the aim to gain attention to market oneself or a product or rather to advertise. Therefore, it does make sense to adapt the product to culture-specific conditions. The objective of this thesis is to acquire knowledge of different behaviours of people from different cultures, which could have an impact on the usage of software user interfaces. Furthermore, the paper explains in more detail what is meant with software user interfaces and gives inputs on how to create a user-friendly system. In addition, the thesis illustrates the topic usability and what is necessary to guarantee it. The acquired knowledge is combined in a practical example, which fulfils the cultural requirements and the guidelines of usability. The thesis discusses the following questions: When is a software user interface qualified as user-friendly? Is it necessary to consider cultural aspects when developing software user interfaces for different countries? What aspects need to be considered when designing an intercultural software user interface?
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