Dear reader, In order to survive in a tough market competition, nowadays, it became crucial for companies to allocate and effectively manage their limited financial resources. Looking into the future, being prepared for possible collapses and to have a strategy for surviving tough times, becomes a “must” for every company in the market. This book, you are holding, is a great tool, that can help you in your daily work, preparing company's budgets and effectively managing finances. Here you will find detailed information about commonly used budgeting methods, about their benefits, disadvantages and examples of their practical use. This book, therefore, provides a new budgeting system, which combines benefits from mostly used budgeting methods, shows the use of non-traditional budgeting system in practice and helps to plan your finances with more accuracy. The analysis of this book,should help shed some light on how to prepare a budgeting system, that best suits your company and reflects the reality of your company’s financial situation. I hope you will enjoy this thrilling journey to the world of financial strategies!
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