Queer Student Perspectives

Revision with unchanged content. Within the educational setting, certain people--both teachers and students--are marginalized because they are seen as different through their sexual orientation.The negative experiences endured by GLBTIQ teachers and students create challenging working and learning environments, which can cause GLBTIQ people to alter their behaviour for issues of safety and protection. This book offers insight into the educational challenges of sexual minority teacher candidates. Those who were interviwed contributed their experiences of institutional silence, identity management, and internalized homophobia. From their stories, suggestions, and opinions, a list of practical ways to improve the environment for GLBTIQ teacher candidates has been compiled. If you are considering a career in education, wondering if you should come-out/be-out as an educator, are interested in becoming familiar with the experiences of GLBTIQ people in education, or are hoping to change the current marginali­zation of minority groups in education, then the stories in this book will provide a much needed foundation of understanding and knowledge.
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