Inter-ethnic conflicts and student academic performance

This study sought to explore the inter-ethnic conflicts among the pastoralist communities and its effects on student academic performance. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, four specific research objectives were addressed that is: to investigate the factors that influence continuous inter-ethnic conflicts in Baringo East, Baringo County, to investigate the effect of inter-ethnic conflicts on students enrolment in Baringo East, Baringo County, to determine the effect of the inter-ethnic conflicts on access to school in Baringo East, Baringo County and to determine the effect of the inter-ethnic conflicts on student drop out rates. The data for this study was collected from primary and secondary sources. The research instruments are questionnaire and interview. The study population comprises of students, Communities household, Government officers from the District administration, Non-governmental organizations (NGO), Secondary school teachers, opinion and religious leader. A cross –sectional survey design was adopted for the study based on a sample drawn from the target population. The study adopted combination of probability and non probability sampling technique.
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