Innovative Student Trainee Motivation

The research area of employee motivation is an important field of management and has been the focus of both managers and researchers alike. Despite this, little to none research has been conducted on the specific area of student trainee motivation. Student trainees often suffer from low levels of motivation, resulting in sub optimal levels of performance and dissatisfaction with the vocational training. In this book, the fields of organizational behavior and motivational theory are critically analyzed with a special focus on Herzberg’s Dual Structure Theory of Employee Motivation. Based on Herzberg’s 5 Motivators, 13 innovative motivational methods are identified and ranked by student trainees based on their personal preference. Based on the analysis of the questionnaires, innovative recommendations are provided on how to improve the motivation levels of student trainees. This book also aims to contribute to the general body of knowledge by deriving an innovative student trainee motivation model with a general relevance for managers of other training hotels and training establishments as well as for faculty in hospitality and tourism.
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