The Use of Asynchronous Audio Feedback With Online RN-BSN Students

The use of audio technology by online nursing educators is a recent phenomenon. Research has been conducted in the area of audio technology in different domains and populations, but very few researchers have focused on nursing. Preliminary results have indicated that using audio in place of text can increase student cognition and socialization. This quasi-experimental comparative study was designed to explore the effect of audio feedback versus text-only feedback in online discussion boards using the constructs of the community of inquiry theoretical framework: social, cognitive, and teaching presences in students enrolled in an asynchronous online RN-BSN program. Additionally, perceived student satisfaction, retention and academic performance were examined. Multiple regression data analysis of these variables suggested a preference for text-only feedback over audio-text feedback in relation to teaching presence and perceived student satisfaction. The conclusion supports further research on these variables possibly using mixed methods to elicit themes identified by this quantitative study.
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