Use of Online Classes with At-risk students

The purpose of the study was to investigate the use of online classes with at-risk students at a county operated alternative school setting to increase student achievement and equity. The study examined the school''s distribution of financial and staffing resources to support online classes. Furthermore, it determined to what extent this model was aligned with evidence-based model of adequacy. This study used conceptual frameworks adapted from research literature to guide data collections and analysis for following three research questions: (a) How are online classes used in a county-operated alternative school program to maximize student achievement? (b) How are financial and staffing resources allocated for the use and implementation of online classes? (c) How are online classes used to promote organizational capacity? Four major themes emerged to illustrate the overall success of the implementation of online classes at OCOS alternative education program: (a) shared vision for student achievement; (b) effective utilization of resources; (c) collaboration; (d) research-based instructional strategy
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