Using an RTI Framework to Ensure Student Success

Response to Intervention (RTI) has been a recommended format for school effectiveness for over a decade. This book conveys the reflections of a leadership team’s journey using an RTI framework for school improvement. A group of four leaders active in the implementation process met monthly for a period of 2 years to reflect upon and document the processes taken and learning gained while implementing an RTI framework. This book outlines evidence of growth in student learning, improved school culture and the collective understanding of learning gained as we engaged in system change. The salient elements found in implementation of an RTI framework are: creating a culture of collaboration, aligning systems and structures to support student learning, and adopting a continuous improvement mindset. A rubric for each of these three themes describing basic concepts and leadership actions required to implement and sustain them are shared. Successful RTI implementation is critically important to ongoing efforts to improve education for all children in America. RTI is an effective model to drive the needed reform.
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