Problems of practical training of students in Ukraine

Identification of problems of practical training of young specialists of technical specialties in colleges and colleges of Ukraine leads to identify ways to reform and improve the system of practical training of students within the formation of their professional and practical competencies required for their future professional activity. Of particular importance in the educational process engineering students have practical training as a compulsory component of the educational-professional program to obtain a certain qualification level. The formation praxeology skills of students of technical specialties, their practical training in colleges and colleges of Ukraine is quite relevant, much aspect, requires new scientific developments, research, and today is in need of significant reform at the state level that undoubtedly will allow to develop the engineering students professional and practical skills. Stepping up the practical activities of students in colleges and technical schools of Ukraine is part of a series of education reform according to the Bologna process the implementation of which will facilitate the entry of Ukraine into the European educational space.
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