Asian Students in Online Class

Revision with unchanged content. The student bodies at the nation’s colleges and universities have become increasingly heterogeneous and internationalized. Despite the large segment of Asian international students in higher education in the U.S., there has not been adequate acknowledgement or exploration of the needs of Asian international students. Increasing number of colleges and universities offer online courses, often without considerations as to how these online courses are actually experienced by the students. Especially for Asian international students who have been socialized in non-Western cultures, have language barriers, and are accustomed to highly structured coursework and strong direction from teachers, online class relying on self-directed learning can be daunting. This book describes the lived experiences of Asian international students in online learning environments from their perspectives. The detailed description provides readers a secondhand experience of being exposed to online learning environments as Asian international students. Readers may feel participants’ frustrations or anxiety, have a feeling of being connected with Asian international students, and begin to understand their experience. This book should provide insights for educators who wish to make instruction more responsive, inclusive, and effective for learners with diverse backgrounds.
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