The Concept of Recruiting Thai Students

Foreign students are being sought by many universities around the world. The primary targets for recruitment are often countries which play an important role in global economics (e.g. China, India). Thailand that is not big global economic player is often not in the purview of these recruiting countries. In fact, student mobility flow rates in Thailand have gone up in recent years. This book sets focus on a Concept of Recruiting Thai Students (as a new potential recruiting market) to the Jade Hochschule in Wilhelmshaven. The first two chapters provide an overview of the main factors that influence Thai students’ decisions to go abroad. Chapter 3 demonstrates the cultural context from which the Thais come and suggests some aspects of it that need to be considered when communicating with Thais. Chapter 4 reviews various communication instruments that are useful in the recruitment of international students. Chapter 5 analyses the current situation of Jade Hochschule and reveals its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. The last chapter delineates the focus of this book and proposes an approach for recruiting Thai students to Jade Hochschule.
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