Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies among Adama University Students

The book explores comparative analysis of perceived stress and coping strategies among University students.It is clear that higher learning institutions are the place where the future assets of the nation are produced. In this regard the universities should provide conducive learning environment for students. Students of higher education experience stress due to the new setting, academic, financial, health problem. As currently a large number of students enrole into universities;the university community faces challenges in providing learning situation free from stressors and effective coping strategies. The heterogonous characteristics (male, female, field of study, freshman, and senior student) of students at the university result in difference in perceived stress and coping mechanisms.Hence to support students who have high perceived stress and students who use ineffective coping strategies,it is imperative to investigate the significance differences in perceived stress and coping strategies among university students.So the book enables university instructors, counselors, gender officers and psychologists to assisst students have high perceived stress and use ineffective coping.
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