Study of Drop Out Students at Pre-Primary Level in Mansehra,Pakistan

Education is the prerequisite for the development of a country. In Pakistan, presently District Mansehra having 36.3% literacy rate against 47 % and 55 % of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and country, respectively. Pakistan has the highest school dropout ratio in world, annually about 35,000 students are drop out of the education system. This menace is mainly attributed to corporal punishment, beatings, social, migration of the families and financial constrainents. In the studied area the drop out ratio of female students were more when comapred with male students. Unawarance of parents about education were found another hurdle in increasing litracy rate. This comprehensive and profusely illustrated book will be highly valuable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of education and researchers involved in the curricula development and allied sectors. Therefore, this book should be available in each library round the country.
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