Perception of Students with Disabilities

This study explored the attitudes pre-serviceteachers held toward people with disabilities. Theauthor conducted a survey methodology study viaquestionnaire of repeated measures design, using therespondents as their own controls. The goal of this study was to find out if pre-serviceteachers attitudes toward people with disabilitieswere affected by descriptive labels such as physicaldisability or mental disability. In other words, didthe type of disability affect the pre-serviceteachers attitudes toward that person? Findings revealed that pre-service teachers had amore negative attitude toward people labeled withmental disabilities, and a more positive attitudetoward people labeled with physical disabilities ortoward people whose type of disability was notspecified. In addition, findings revealed thatElementary Education pre-service teachers had a morepositive attitude toward people with disabilities(regardless of the descriptive label) than didSecondary Education pre-service teachers.
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