Control of Nonlinear Mechatronic Systems

Revision with unchanged content. Acknowledging how the performance of a mechatronic system depends greatly on the proposed control structure, the first part of this research mo­no­graph focuses on control of nonlinear systems with applications in robotics and presents contributions to control of kinematically redundant robot mani­pulators, control of nonlinear haptic and teleoperator systems, and control of flat multi-input multi-output nonlinear systems. Also, in most engineered systems, the behavior of the system is required to be accurately modeled to improve the performance of the system and in many applications, design simulations and proposed control algorithms require real-time calculation of kinematic and dynamic models. Dynamic modeling for extensible continuum robot manipulators is discussed in the final part of this monograph. This development is motivated by and is applicable to the OCTARM continuum manipulator which is a biologically inspired soft robot manipulator resem­bling an elephant trunk or an octopus arm.
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