Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards immunization

The study focused on assessing the KAPs on immunization coverage of infants and pregnant mothers in Somalia specially Mogadishu, in order to contribute to understanding of socio-demographic factors influencing child and maternal immunization. The survey specifically aimed at determining the extent to which coverage for the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) vaccines and Vitamin A supplementation among children aged below five years; tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine (TT) immunization coverage among the mothers of 0 -5 years-old children, for protection of their babies from neonatal tetanus; and to elicit reasons why target children and women were not being immunized. Vaccination coverage in Somalia has been on a downward trend for several years and even where good coverage has been attained; reaching children not yet vaccinated has proved difficult. Thus, there was an urgent need to find ways to increase vaccination coverage and particularly to encourage parents to have their children vaccinated. To enable policy makers and health workers to plan well and target the specific factors affecting the success of the program as per the findings of this work.
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