Mapping and Predicting of the Spread of “Myroxylon balsamum (L.)Harms"

In recent years invasive species became a hot topic and biological invasions by alien species as one of the major threats to indigenous or native biodiversity in almost every country in the world. It was highly acknowledged by scientists and researchers. Therefore invaders are recognized as one of the major environmental problem globally. Sri Lanka is a small tropical island enriched with variety of unique ecosystems. Today several ecosystems of Sri Lanka have been affected by biological invasions affecting on environment and human life, such as biodiversity, agriculture and human health, social, cultural, economic and ecological processes. In order to manage the invaders one should require details of its distribution and rate of spreading and the best practices of controlling applications. This work is first attempt to map the "Myroxylon balsamum (L.) Harms" spread in Udawattakele Forest in Kandy district, Sri Lanka. The work intended to provide the forest manages vital information on the priority areas of controlling and managing of this invader and also this work will be very important for researchers, students who are studying GIS and Remote Sensing and Environment fields.
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