Coefficient of Isothermal Oil Compressibility

Revision with unchanged content. Calculations of reservoir performance for petroleum reservoirs require accurate knowledge of the volumetric behavior of hydrocarbon mixtures, both liquid and gaseous. Coefficient of Isothermal oil compressibility is a measure of the fractional change in volume with respect to pressure at constant temperature. Coefficients of isothermal oil compressibility are usually obtained from reservoir fluid analysis. Reservoir fluid analysis is an expensive and time consuming operation that is not always available when the volumetric properties of reservoir fluids are needed. For this reason correlations have been developed and are being developed for predicting fluid properties including the coefficient of isothermal oil compressibility. This project developed a mathematical model for predicting the coefficient of isothermal oil compressibility based on Peng-Robinson Equation of State (PR EOS). A computer program was developed to predict the coefficient of iso­thermal compressibility using the developed model. The predicted coefficient of isothermal oil compressibility closely matches the experimentally derived coefficient of isothermal compressibility at pressures above and below the bubble point pressure.
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