Utilizing the web for enhanced knowledge representation

The Web represents an essential medium in nearly all domains in the area of information and knowledge exchange. Answers to questions on all topics, from general knowledge to specific expert know-how, are contained, either explicitly or implicitly in expert and user-generated resources. The current evolution of the Web is being described by the term “Web 3.0” or “Social Semantic Web,” whereby standardized, machine interpretable formats, semantic meaning, intelligence and user-oriented interaction complement each other (“hybrid intelligence”). In this book the combination of standardized web technologies and game design mechanics is used as an expandable concept for interactive web applications – especially in the Social Media area. The challenge lies in simplifying access to distributed web resources to enhance their representation and interconnectivity (“hyperconnectivity”) and to motivate user interoperability with these resources. Web-based game technologies are deployed as interactive knowledge systems. Distributed web resources are widely regarded as an inherent part of higher-layered applications in information and knowledge management.
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