Adapting Greenway Planning Strategy

Revision with unchanged content. Environment became an important issue in planning agendas with the emergence of the ecological crisis. Planners began to use scientific strategies in solving problems. As one of them, the greenway planning strategy was promoted by landscape-ecological planning proponents. Besides science-based strategies, social sciences began to discuss the meaning of environ­ment, as well and it was recognized as a discourse that based on intertwined social, economic, political understandings. There are different discourses on the meaning of environment among different countries; moreover, there is a significant distinction between the industrial and developing countries. This book investigates the modes of adaptability of the greenway planning strategy in Istanbul, Turkey by exploring the differences between industrial and developing countries' environmental discourses through examining plans and planning processes from Portland, Toronto, Jakarta and Mexico City. The findings of the study should be useful for planners both in theory and practice while utilizing any environmental strategy, or anyone who wants to have a social sciences framework in understanding environmental issues.
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