A Study of Knowledge,Attitude,and Practice(Kap)on Legal Responsibility

A nurse is supposed to have some degree of qualifications and competent enough to provide services to a patient. Mean while she/ he is also supposed to render those services within the determined limitations and with adequate tender loving care. Any shortage or failure in providing determined nursing services may lead to serious legal complications.3 Nurses are expected to be efficient and should stand-up to the legitimate expectations in maintaining the required standards of care and limitations. If, the nurse fails to do so, she/ he is liable for getting used in the court of law. Many laws are there to deal with liabilities against nurses and nursing Profession. Since the past decade, the new legislation under the name of Consumer Protection Act 1986 has the provision for action against deficient services4. In the early 60’s, nursing leaders were trying to develop a unique professional identity, which was associated with developments of theoretical base for nursing. The clinical role of the nurse was extended and expanded in a number of specialist/specialised areas4.
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