Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) in Regional Development

Revision with unchanged content. In recent years, regional innovation systems (RIS) and innovative activity have been recognized as having important roles to play in regional economic development policy. The goal of this book is empirically to expand our understanding of the relationship between regional economic growth and the local characteristics of RIS. In this innovative research, Dr. Lee addresses a fundamental question: "Most research on innovation and RIS is focusing on high-tech industries in large metropolitan areas or developed regions. However, how can we construct or develop RIS in less developed areas, which may overlook the endogenous capabilities of less-developed regions?" The book presents important new research material, in the form of detailed empirical studies of non-metropolitan counties in the U.S. South, and offers practical policy implications. As a result, the book elucidates our under­standing of which local innovative activity and characteristics of RIS matter in regional economic growth. Regional Innovation Systems in Regional De­velop­ment will be of vital benefit to those studying in the field of regional econo­mic development, especially for less developed areas.
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