Antidermatophytic Activity Of Nosocomial Lactic Acid

This book has been designed to act as a useful resource for researchers working on Anti dermatophytes. Lactic acids are used as excipients in pharma industries. Nosocomial lactic acid may also be used as an effective drug active or as an excipient in pharmaceutical preparations against the dermatophytic strains. The dermatomycoses are a serious threat to human health. Although hundreds of pharmaceutical preparations are being marketed, but bacterial produced lactic acids are not included in their dosage forms. This book endeavours to provide insights on the incorporation of nosocomial lactic acid or its drug active form in the pharmaceutical preparations to combat the dreaded dermatomycotic infections through formulation of a cost effective and reliable pharmaceutical preparation against the dermatomycoses, in addition to serving as a source of a bioprospective study for the 'bad guys' of Hospitals.
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