Fields Unknown

Revision with unchanged content. Beulah Rohlich once noted that educators have believed for many years that in­ternational programs were “an enriching experience” but very few if any could explain what that meant. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate the impact of international exchange and training programs on pedagogical prac­tices of their participants. Interviews with international program alumni from Russia and the United States, author’s observations and personal ex­pe­rience provide unique opportunity for understanding how participants of in­ter­national programs implement, institutionalize, transfer, share and sustain the experiences, skills and knowledge that they obtain during their programs. This work is addressed to a diverse audience: researchers will find here rich da­ta and methodologies for further studies in the areas of international, com­pa­rative, and civic education; international program developers, organisers, and coordinators will find sound advice how to improve exchange and trai­ning programs and make them more meaningful; future international ex­change participants will find a couple of sincere answers to myriads of ques­tions that they have before they commence a jorney to „fields unknown“.
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