Manual Approach towards Quasi Finality Scientific Research Papers

Researchers as large-hearted divine precious scientists and research as autonomous exuberant scientific subjects both sides are reputed and represented, the only way out of any nation enigmatical issues, beside that they are becoming the sole means ever , for resolving utmost, if not say all of the economic crisis and social problems. But the question imposed itself here is that, who researchers are? The answer actually says, researchers (one and all) are those scientists, who find themselves behind the wheel of the global sciences, usually tirelessly, exert their intensively veracity scientific efforts, and strain every nerve to solve the problems, that may thwart, hinder or become impediments, for the sustainable development. I think this book is necessarily and more necessity to be possessed by student, he who searches and seeks for high academical status, such as M.Sc., and Ph.D., degrees in the national universities of Sudan, as well as international ones, to quench students thirsty in this field, beside that to push our national students, to search more and more, so as to reach the same global universities technological lines, neck to neck and shoulder to shoulder.
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