Microcontroller based gas sensor systems

The “GASB Sensor Platform Wireless Capability Extension and Power Consumption Optimization” Project was started in order to allow multiple GASB Sensor Platforms to be used in different measurement scenarios while having the capability of collecting all the measurement data in a centralized way to facilitate later model-based calculations. The task is to use the existing hardware with certain extensions such as RF chip and antenna and develop software that would allow multiple devices to be connected to a single computer. As having multiple cabled connections would be cumbersome, a radio link between the computer and all the devices is preferred. Since a battery-powered operation is desired, special attention has been given to low-power capabilities of the radio link. The main goal of this project is to design and implement the software for the given hardware in such a way that the task mentioned above is achieved but also the solution can be adapted to other similar platforms. The desired result is to have a flexible software design that can be adapted to future hardware with ease.
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