Efficacy of weighted graph to minimize & measure schema complexity

Database system is used for access multiple users, prevent loss of data and provide security for access of real life or synthetic data set.The complexity of data requirement increasing day by day;thus minimization of schema becomes an important role for equalization.Schema complexity is measured by transmitting schema to a graph with weight or weighted graph.Selected special fundamentals for weight the schema graph. Minimization of schema ensures easy to measure the schema complexity.Graph also used in many minimization approaches.Though it becomes minimized schema with large number of data set, it takes longer time to find matches.Conversely, a graph database does not scan the entire graph.It looks only at records that directly connected to other records, increasing number of nodes does not increased the retrieval time.Schema complexity measurement requires the measurement of space efficiency and time efficiency.Graph moreover can be represented by adjacency matrix and adjacency list.For time efficiency, often the adjacency list and for space efficiency,if graph of schema is sparsely populated then require adjacency list and if densely populated then require adjacency matrix.
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