Non-Photorealistic Rendering Based on 2D Texture

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) in general can involve abstraction and stylization of the target images, which helps people obtain watercolor painting, Chinese calligraphy, and oil painting etc. with the aid of computer. Automatic generation of artistic illustrations from images is one of the most fundamental and actively studied problems in the field of NPR. So, realizing different art styles has important theoretical and application significance in NPR. This book introduces some NPR artistic rendering techniques based on 2D texture. We apply texture synthesis and texture mapping techniques to acquire different artistic styles, such as pencil drawing, Chinese pyrography, and many pieces effects, sketch painting etc. These artistic styles of NPR are more engaging than the traditional, photorealism digital images rendering. NPR avoids considerable time and resources to the creation of arts, and these styles are urgently desired to express and transfer information besides photorealistic computer graphics.
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