Cefixime Microspheres Preparation And Evaluation Studies

Cefixime microspheres are formulated to overcome the disadvantages and eliminate the side effects of cefixime in convectional dosage forms. Microspheres were formulated using sodium alginate (3%,4% and 5%) with copolymer Carbopol P934 and HPMC K15M in concentration of 1% and Calcium chloride (3%) as cross linking agent by Orifice Ionic Gelation Technique. Microsphere formulation is based upon the interaction between polymer and cross linking agent. Sodium alginate is an anionic polymer, which can be easily crosslinked with Calcium chloride , the complexation between Ca+2 ion with sodium alginate to retard the drug release. The particle size was characterized by Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Drug excipients compatibility was determined by FTIR spectroscopy. Percentage drug content, Entrapment efficiency, Flow behavior, Swelling index and in-vitro drug release studies were also carried out. This book will provide information about the preparation and evaluation studies of microspheres in detail.
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