Role of BTX on Acid Gas Destruction in Thermal Stage of Claus Reactors

Crude oil and natural gas contain acid gases (H2S and CO2) and associated impurities, such as benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) that are all harmful to human health, environment and industrial equipment. It is often required to process crude oil and gas using highly efficient desulfurization processes prior to use as a fuel. The separated acid gases (byproducts of desulfurization) are further processed in Claus process plants to recover chemical and thermal energy. Currently, BTX and other associated impurities present in acid gas cause several technical and operational problems that result in higher operational costs and increased toxic gas emissions in Claus plants. Destruction of these contaminants in the thermal stage of Claus process has been identified as the solution. Acid gas and BTX combustion in thermal stage of Claus reactor, which provides simultaneous recovery of both sulfur and thermal energy, is the subject of examination. The results presented herein will assist in the design guidelines of advanced Claus reactors for enhanced sulfur capture in the thermal stage and to mitigate environmental issues.
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