Controller Implementation on a PLC via MatLAB-Simulink

Very often PLCs are used for the realization of big plants in industrial industry where also controller applications appear. According to the standard EN 61131-3 the program languages instruction list (IL), ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), sequential function charts (SFC) and structured text (ST) are used for the programming. If the design of the controller is more complex (e.g. state space controller with more inputs), all these languages are not very suitable for the programming. Due to that the tool MatLAB–Simulink is very common for the controller design of complex applications it would be fine, if the controller could be implemented directly on the PLC by using this tool. So, one of the main tasks of this master thesis was to search for software tools for the direct implementation of MatLAB-Simulink programs on a PLC of company Siemens. One of them was selected and tested for a controller application of an inverted pendulum. Results of the practical realization were analyzed and shown.
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